About me

Sarunas Tamasauskas

Originally I am from Lithuania. I was always interested in different kinds of media - creating, editing and sharing it. When I was still in school, during the summer holidays, I would come up with interesting project ideas. One of them was to build a website. I got a simple book on how to build websites and slowly started learning. Funny enough It was so interesting to me that I went to the UK to study Web Development & Design.

What am I doing now ?

Currently, I am living in Zürich, Switzerland and working for tutti.ch. I mainly focus on Frontend but now and then I have to deal with Backend. On a daily basis, I mostly work with React. At the moment I am interested in learning Reactive and Functional Programming.

Besides learning and experimenting with new frameworks and technologies I enjoy hiking and taking pictures. If you want to see my recent shots you can easily find them on Flickr.

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